Monday, April 05, 2010

Ollie to Ollie Alta!

Ich weiß nicht wann ich alleine das letzte mal so lachen musste...

Aus dem Slap Artikel über Ron Knigge

"...What about some of the weirder stuff that went on during this era?You were telling me about how Julio De La Cruz wanted to do an ollie to late ollie

()...He just wanted to try to do this trick.It looked like he had lead shoes on,like his feet were too heavy.He was ollieing off the ground just a little bit ,and then spazzing out in the air.He looked crazy.
And I was like,"Julio,what the hell is that?!"
It was an ollie to late ollie.It defies gravity.He wanted to ollie and on his way down,ollie again."

Dann übt mal schön!Video Beweise werden gerne genommen.

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